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More details for this spinning - preparation cards / carding position. (Our nr.: UM 22.34.16315)

Added on 2017-11-14 in spinning - preparation / cards / carding

1 one houget duesbert bosson hdb second hand complet carding set designed as hig speed two
- swift woollen carding line year of construction 1983 model galaxy width 3 000 mm 112 good ends triple rubbing nominal speed 50 m7min tecnical features:
- shute feeder on hopper feeder,
- volumetric feeding,
- servolap control,
- radioactiv scource is removed, breastsection: lickerin with 1 worker/stripper main cylinder ø 1 250 mm, 5 pairs worker/stripper, traverse roller first swift
- main cylinder ø 1 500 mm, with 5 pairs worker/stripper,
- fancy roller, doffer ø 1 250 mm,
- fly comb, peralta with doffer roller and fly comb,
- cross folder second swift
- 2 pairs feeding cylinder, lickerin ø 500 mm with 1 pair worker/stripper,
- transfer roller ø 300 mm
- main cylinder ø 1 500 mm, 5 pairs worker/stripper,
- fancy roller, doffer ø 1 250 mm,
- transfer roller ø 500 mm
- high speed electro fly comb montenero for more than 50 m/min delivery, triple rubbing condensor, 16 bobbins each 7 ends = 112 ends, electronic sensors for detecting yarn break, condensor plates for increasing, bobbin weight about 30%, all important drives by servomotors, some years ago new electric control siemens pneumatic suction devices for cleaning all important rollers, protective doors according to the current safety regulations

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